Best Time Deer Hunting

If you love whitetails as much as I do, this is probably the best time deer hunting.

The Best Time Deer Hunting

Last week I picked up my wife and kids at the airport and on the way home at 3:30pm my wife starts saying something but can’t get the words out so I look over to see what the commotion is about and there is a big buck running from a cornfield across a pasture to a patch of woods. He was a big old corn fed buck with a very nice rack. I only saw him for a split second but he was nice. Right then I knew it was time to go deer hunting. Then driving home from work I saw a truck pulled over and there in the road was a very nice buck the man had just hit with his truck.

best time deer hunting public property

November is the best time deer hunting big bucks.

Then the next day I get a text message with a 190″ buck that my cousins friend harvested in Kansas. A 190″ class buck with a bow now that’s impressive! Then yesterday as I am driving to where I was going to hunt I see a nice 130″-140″ buck crossing a cut cornfield right in front of my truck. Needless to say I was pumped! So the big bucks are definitely on the move here in Kansas. Also my father shot a very, very nice buck back in Georgia but could not find him. To say he is very disappointed would be an understatement. He even called in a tracking dog to help look for it but they never found him. I feel so bad for my dad he is such a good man and I wish he had been able to find the big buck. Hopefully he still will find him.

How about where you hunt? Hows the? Are the big bucks on the move yet? Some friends and I are heading bow hunting in Illinois this week and I am pumped about it. Hopefully we will get some nice cold weather and maybe one of us will be able to harvest a big swollen neck Illinois trophy whitetail. I cant wait! If it is as much fun as last year it will be a blast! I hope to get a nice buck on film this year to share with everyone, hopefully we can make it happen.

I also am very excited about an opportunity to team up with a great company and possibly be on their Pro-Staff. I received a follow up on a application I put in and they wanted me to do the second step of the process so hopefully things will workout and we can team up. I don’t want to jinx myself so I’ll leave it at that.¬† I hope you all are having a very good deer season, and remember to take a child or friend hunting with you. You will make memories that will last a lifetime.


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2 Responses to Best Time Deer Hunting

  1. Arthur says:

    Although I haven’t yet witnessed it personally, a lot of bucks are on the move in Michigan too. I think this next weekend is going to AMAZING and I can’t wait for it to get here.

    Good luck with your Illinois hunt. You couldn’t have planned it any better.

  2. I am going on a hunt too as well since this month is hunting month.

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