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Deer Hunting Snow Day

I did something yesterday that I have always wanted to do, go on a deer hunting snow day.

Deer Hunting Snow

I arrived at the WIHA (Walk in hunting access)land well before daylight and it was raining of and on. But with all the big bucks being seen around our house lately I knew the rut was in full swing and a little rain wasn’t going to stop me from deer hunting. As I got to the area I wanted to hunt and picked out a good tree to get up in low and behold it started snowing like crazy. Now being from Georgia I have never been deer hunting in the snow but have always wanted to. As I am going up the tree I look over and there is one of the biggest most worn out rubs I have ever seen. Talk about being pumped up. It’s snowing like crazy the rut is in full swing and I am hunting over one of the biggest rubs if not the biggest I have ever seen on TV or in person. I set up in a hardwood draw with a creek running parallel to it and corn fields on two sides as far as you can see and on one end was a big hill of hardwoods that came down to the hardwoods I was hunting. I would have bet you $500 I would have seen some deer. I stayed in the stand as long as I could but didn’t see any deer. Not having any experience hunting in the snow I thought I was prepared but both pairs of my gloves got soaking wet and as hard as I tried with hands warmers I could not get my hands dry and when I couldn’t feel my hands I had to come out of the stand. I was hard to do with frozen hands I couldn’t get the pins out of my deer stand to take it off of the tree. After several attempts I finally got the out though. I took some footage of the snow and the big rubs I wanted to share with you here. I wish I had some footage of some big bucks but I didn’t see any. When I got down out of my stand I walked about fifty yards up a hill and there are fresh deer tracks in the snow. I cannot figure how in the world I didn’t see those deer. I had been rattling and calling and all I can figure is they snuck in on me and busted me and snuck back out. Oh well next time I will be ready!

not deer hunting snow

This is deerhuntingbigbucks.com newest Pro-Staff member Troy with a great buck he harvested not deer hunting snow in Putnam county in Georgia.

It looks like the big bucks are on the move back in Georgia. Our newest Pro-Staff member Troy put a big Putnam county 8 pointer down Saturday evening in the edge of some hardwoods and a big clear-cut. Troy said the buck was on the move about thirty minutes before dark and he had to make a quick shot which resulted in his eye being dotted by the scope on his 30-06. Troy said he didn’t even feel it! That’s what I’m talking about Troy, you wear that wound proudly!


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