Shed Hunting Producing Whitetail Sheds

Have you ever been shed hunting? I haven’t had a chance to go this year, but have heard from some friends at work that they are finding some very nice whitetail sheds.

Shed Hunting

buck found shed hunting

This buck was found on a recent shed hunting trip in Missouri.

My friend Greg found this dead deer while shed hunting in Missouri a few days ago. It’s hard to say why he died, but this has been a very harsh winter here in the mid-west and it is possible the the big bucks rut so hard and lose so much weight doing so that they just can’t recover enough body weight to be able to withstand the severe weather. You hate to find big bucks dead but it happens. I am really wanting to get out and find some whitetail sheds but have been so busy I just can’t find time to get out. But I am making myself a promise good lord willing I am going shed hunting very soon.

Finding whitetail sheds can be a lot of fun.

Greg also sent me this picture of some nice whitetail sheds he found on a recent trip.

It will be time to start working on food plots soon. It also isn’t to late to do some controlled ¬†burns. My father said they did a burn on their deer hunting property back in Georgia a few weeks ago. He said they had a good burn and it should help the property. Control burning can be very beneficial to wildlife habitat. Check your local laws and regulations before you burn. Spring is right around the corner, but it is snowing like crazy here in Kansas today. I am ready for some warm sunny weather, it has been a long cold first winter in Kansas for this ole Georgia boy. My father called me a little while ago and said it was sunny and in the seventies today, the first day of turkey season in Georgia. And there has already been two big toms taken at their hunting club on opening morning. Man I sure miss home!

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3 Responses to Shed Hunting Producing Whitetail Sheds

  1. T. W. Warr says:

    Those sheds are not bad. Certainly has some potential for the future. The rut followed by hard winters can play a factor for sure in the deer survival rates.

  2. seth says:

    I live in southern maryland and shed hunt very hard late feb thru late april. I’ve got about 500 or so sheds over the past years. I own 100 acres of mostly hardwoods and have a huge abundace of whitetail. I love it almost as much as hunting the actual deer. It’s great but definately takes the eyes(keeping them focused on the ground) and the patience thats my biggest suggestion to anyone interested. Also takes a good area with alot of deer. The “mancave” consists of all the sheds on shelves going around the room people are amazed when they see all the antlers i’ve got spikes to 18pt non-typicals. Just be prepared to have the patience and put the miles in.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by Seth! Sounds like you have got some impressive sheds.

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