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The John Breen Buck

I saw this cool video on youtube of a big buck taken deer hunting in Minnesota back in 1918, known as the John Breen buck. At the time this video was made the John Breen buck was the Minnesota state record whitetail. It is an absolutely beautiful buck and is awesome. It was at one time the world record deer, yep I said it world record deer. He harvested the big Minnesota whitetail in 1918, in Funkley Minnestoa. They said when he brought it home it wouldn’t even fit through the doorway. The great buck has a gross typical score of 215″ and a net typical score of 202″. That is pretty impressive for a ten point typical buck. I would love to see this great buck in person I bet it is really impressive. I would love to hear the full story about the hunt he took this buck on I bet it was incredible, especially when he got to put his hands on that massive rack for the very first time. It is definitely a dream buck that most people never see in a lifetime of hunting whitetails. I filmed a buck that was very similar to this buck in my backyard here in Kansas, I got over eight minutes of footage of him. He was a typical twelve pointer that we think would have been very close to if not a Kansas stare record. We never recovered him.

My friend Patrick went shed hunting in Kansas a couple of weeks ago and found a nice set of sheds. It’s not to late to get out and find those big sheds. Also it’s time to put out lime and fertilizer and get those food plots ready to be planted. Get those soil samples and you will see a big difference in your deer hunting food plots.

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Patrick found these antlers on a recent shed hunting trip in Kansas.

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