Sweet Bow Hunting Behind House

big racked buck

This buck was hit by a car leaving the property I will be bow hunting this year.

Kansas bow hunting lease

This is the bow hunting property I got permission to hunt.

Bow Hunting

Yesterday I got permission for bow hunting an awesome piece of property here in Kansas and I am super pumped and ready to go. And what makes it even sweeter is it is in my backyard. I have the okay to hunt 80 acres with a 23 acre soybean field that butts up to a 400 acre soybean field and a huge corn field and the 23 acre soybean field has a funnel of hardwoods that comes down to it and I can hunt the hardwoods as well. Last week I spotted four big bucks feeding in the soybeans and even though I couldn’t see them real good because of the distance and it was getting dark, I could tell one of them was going to be a shooter for sure, he was nice. I got them on video but they were so far away the video footage is not real good.

Last November my wife and my father-in-law saw a 200 class buck less than a mile from where I’ll be deer hunting, and my neighbor saw a huge big buck in the soybean field in the 23 acre field where I can hunt. Talk about pumped, I cant wait to go deer hunting. Heck I cant even think straight!

Ive started a list of things I need to be ready by the start of the season. My list keeps getting longer but my birthday is next week and my beautiful wife said she might get me the stand I’ve been wanting. I put two trail cameras down there on the field already and plan on putting a couple of stands up real soon. I plan on shooting my bow this week also. I love this time of year even if it is hot as heck, deer season and college football are right around the corner.

This just might be the year I get that Pope & Young buck I’ve been after. How about you? Are you ready to get in the woods and do some bow hunting like I am? It will be here before you know it.


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4 Responses to Sweet Bow Hunting Behind House

  1. Good luck! Sounds great!

  2. Mark says:

    Thats awesome! Congrats. I’m about to try and get permission to hunt the farm that butts up to my land too, I sure hope I have your same luck!

  3. Experience of hunting with a bow have it’s own adventure in contrast to a rifle hunter. Because in the bow or archery hunting the distance depends upon individual ability, the target animal, the bow strength, arrow and weather. Most bows used for hunting have a draw weight of 50 pounds-force (220 N) or more. This is enough to hunt all but the very largest game.

  4. IowanHunter says:

    How I wish I can shot a buck just behind my house. Awesome bud, congrats for such a nice location..

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