Georgia Buck Dirt Nap

How is everyone’s season going? Have you been out deer hunting? I have heard of some nice deer being taken and I wanted to share a story about a nice Georgia buck my friend Troy recently took with is bow.

Georgia Buck

DHBB Pro Staff Troy

DHBB Pro-Staffer Troy harvested this Georgia buck with his bow in Georgia.

Fellow DHBB Pro-Staffer Troy sent me some pictures of a nice Georgia buck he harvested with his bow in Georgia. Troy said he found a old pear tree back in the woods that was loaded with pears and dropping them like crazy. Troy had over 100 trail camera pictures of this big eight pointer. He even had trail camera pictures of him fighting another Georgia buck. Well Saturday Troy was hunting near the old pear tree and had seen five does munching on pears when the nice eight made an appearance at 7:15am. Troy put the smack down on him and harvested his biggest buck to date with a bow. Way to go Troy. Great Georgia buck! I know you were pumped! There is no other rush like shooting a big buck with a bow! Were you shaking a little bit? Nothing matches that rush you get, it is unbelievable.

Georgia buck

Troy had over 100 trail camera pictures of the buck he harvested in Georgia.

Have you gotten some good trail camera pictures?

If you have some good shots send them to me and I would be glad to post them on DHBB. If you get a nice buck feel free to send me some photos and a story and I’d be glad to put it on DHBB.

I am really pumped about this season and have been out on a few hunts already. The first morning I hunted behind my house I saw 6 does and a buck. I didn’t get a good look at the buck so I’m not sure how big he was. It should be a fun season. Good luck everyone, remember be safe and use those safety harnesses, and always identify your target. Also take a child or a friend hunting, you will make memories that will last a lifetime.


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