Action Trail Camera Pictures

huge Kansas buck

Trail camera pictures of big bucks like this one can be exciting.

So far I have had a wonderful year of deer hunting and have gotten some great trail camera pictures. Even though I missed the biggest buck I have ever shot at with a bow at 35 yards. How’s every-one’s deer hunting going this year?

Trail Camera Pictures

I’ve gotten a lot of really nice photos lately. How about you have you gotten any good trail camera pictures.

trail camera pictures

Photo of Kansas Buck in full rut I missed with my bow deer hunting the Kansas rut. And it is all on film so I can enjoy it whenever I want.

I got trail camera pictures the day before of a definite Pope and young buck that I previously didn’t have on trail camera. So needles to say I was fired up the next morning when we set out to our stands.

The Big Buck That Got Away

It was early November and the bucks are in rut in Kansas. About 8:55am my cameraman Terry of called a few times and at 9:00am the big buck came off a hill coming to us and right away I knew it was the buck we got on trail camera the day before. And he looked much bigger in real life than he did in the trail cam pictures. We guess he will score from the mid 150’s to the mid 160’s. By far the biggest buck I have ever taken a shot at. When I saw him coming through the thick stuff I tapped Terry on the ankle and pointed to where the buck was coming. I have to admit I got buck fever and when the buck went behind some thick stuff at 35 yards I drew back and settled my 40 yard pin on him and let it fly the buck dropped immediately when he heard the string and my arrow went sailing over his back. I had just missed the buck of a lifetime. I rushed and took the first shot that I had, and should have waited and probably gotten a much better shot. And we got it all on film. The feeling I had at that moment was horrible. You get up at 4:30am when you would rather be sleeping. You work so hard checking trail cameras and scouting and putting up stands and then when the moment of truth finally comes which they don’t very often, and I blew it. Like Travis Tritt says in his song “this one’s gonna hurt you for a long long time”. If you are a bow hunter you will miss, but the biggest buck of my life with a bow and I get buck fever and take an Ill advised shot when I know better. Oh well I’m not giving up just yet.

Georgia Whitetail Hunting Success

Stephen Sailors buck

Stephens Walton county buck he took deer hunting behind his house.

On a different note it looks like deer season is going well for a lot of my friends back in my home state of Georgia. They have been getting some big bucks down. My good buddy Stephen took his biggest buck to date this nice eight pointer.

Johnson Buck

This is the Dooley county buck Preston took.

And my good buddy Mac took his son Preston deer hunting in Greene county in Georgia and Preston got his biggest buck ever hunting out of a box stand in a clear cut. I know Mac was proud of Preston making a good shot on his biggest buck.

Georgia buck in rut

These are two Georgia bucks Robert killed.

Also my good buddy and fellow DHBB pro-staffer Troy sent me a picture of his good friend Robert’s two bucks he took in Georgia as well. It looks like them Georgia boys are taking care of business. I sure miss getting after those Georgia bucks but getting after these Kansas big boys isn’t so bad either.

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