Sun Goes Down Deer Hunting

Sun Goes Down Deer Hunting

The sun goes down deer hunting Kansas.

Well another sun goes down deer hunting season has come and gone here in Kansas. With the exception of an extended archery season antler-less only in unit 19. I am still going to try to tag a doe to put in the freezer.

The Sun Goes Down Deer Hunting

nice buck feeding at night

A buck feeding at night.

How about where you hunt? Did you have a good year of deer hunting? Where you able to harvest any whitetails? I am already starting to get ready for next season. I am feeding the whitetails behind my house corn. It has been very cold here in Kansas this year and with all the crops being harvested the whitetails are going to have to be strong to survive this harsh winter. I have already gotten trail camera pictures of a buck that has shed his antlers. I guess it’s time to get out and do some shed hunting. The cold weather and weight loss from the rut can cause the bucks to shed their antlers sooner than normal. Last winter was really tough on the deer and there several of my friends actually found several bucks while shed hunting that had apparently lost too much weight during the rut and couldn’t put the weight back on to survive the frigid weather.

This buck probably didn’t make it through the harsh winter because of lack of food. It was found on a shed hunting trip.

And I would be willing to bet there will be more bucks found while shed hunting that don’t survive this winter. I am ready to get out and do some post season scouting also. Just yesterday I was out behind my house and I found a very nice rub that wasn’t there the last time I was there during the season. I love getting out and looking for antlers and looking for whitetail sign. I need the exercise to get that extra weight I gained during the holidays and what better way to do it out in the fresh air in Gods country. I’m gonna take my boys with me I’ll bet they find more sheds than I do. If you go take a child or a friend with you deer hunting. You will make memories that will last a lifetime.


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2 Responses to Sun Goes Down Deer Hunting

  1. Mike Lurk says:

    Great looking and informative Blog. I live and hunt in Missouri and had a great season. I harvested an 11 point with my bow in Nodaway County in Northwest corner of the state, he grossed 142″. Then made a trip to Eastern Illinois and and killed a 10 point with my smoke pole, he scored 144″. If you get a chance check out my blog I also blog about the outdoors especially hunting. I have added your blog to my Outdoor Blog Roll, Hope you will do the same.
    Mike Lurk

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by Mike! And for the link!

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