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Favorite Deer Hunting Spot Looking Good

Put out those trail cameras on your favorite deer hunting spots and watch those bucks grow their antlers.

I’m getting the fever to go to my deer hunting spot.

Deer Hunting Spot

I went and put out another bag of Whitetail Institute 30/06 mineral/salt supplement at one of my favorite deer hunting honey holes the other day. I haven’t been there since March and it just amazed me how much of a jungle that place has become since March.

I guess all the rain we have had just made all the green lush plants just take off. I pulled the sd cards in two of my trail cameras and put out a new camera. I had to change the batteries in two of my cameras and put batteries in my new camera. I also had to get a new sd card so when I go to check my cameras I can just swap out the cards. I had to do some trimming with a machete on some of the trails I use that were so grown up.

Now is the time to start getting your favorite deer hunting spots ready for next season. I have learned through the years that it is best to get prepared early and then when it gets close to the season you can stay out of your honey holes and the bucks won’t have a clue when you go in to hunt. If you wait until right before the season to do all your lane trimming and hanging stands sighting in your gun etc…¬† The big bucks know what is going on and get smart in a hurry. Get started preparing your spots sooner than later you will be glad you did.

One of my favorite properties that I hunt has been planted in soybeans and corn and it is coming up nicely. They were a little late planting this year compared to some of the other farms in the area. But the soybeans look good and the whitetails should have plenty of food to fatten up on and grow them antlers all nice and big. I can’t wait to start getting trail camera photos of those big bucks growing their antlers.

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share soon. I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and the season and I am looking forward to every bit of it. I just enjoy getting out in the great outdoors and spending time with nature. I can’t wait to get after those big bucks, it will be time do do just that very soon.

deer hunting spot Kansas

These soybeans are coming up nicely at my deer hunting spot.

The other day I took my boys to the Cabela’s here in Kansas and we had a blast. I took a lot of pictures¬† and I got some really good ones. If you get a chance I definitely recommend going to Kansas City Cabela’s.

I took this picture at Kansas City Cabela’s.

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