Late Season Bucks

late season bucks in November

Getting after late season bucks can be a real challenge.

Having food can really increase your odds at getting late season bucks.It can be a real challenge if you don’t have any  food sources to focus on when getting after  late season bucks.

Late Season Bucks Tips

Having food can really increase your odds at getting late season bucks deer hunting.

Is the rut over where you are? It seemed to peak around the second week of November here in Kansas. I know there will still be some does that were not bred that will come into estrous but for the most part it seems to be over. With the cold weather it seems the bucks are focusing on the food sources to regain the weight that they lost during the rut in order to be able to survive the harsh winters here in the mid-west. If you have some food sources available this time of year you really have an advantage in trying to score on late season bucks. It seems like the better the buck to doe ratio is the shorter more condensed the rut seems to be. If the buck to doe ratio is not that balanced the rut will be longer and more spread out. It was an intense rut here in Kansas in early to mid November and I got a lot of trail camera pictures of bucks fighting and pictures of bucks with busted up racks from fighting.

It has turned cold here in northeast Kansas and I have seen some really nice bucks that have been taken so far this year from all over the country. I had shoulder surgery last week so my deer hunting is over for this season. This was my third season of deer hunting in Kansas and I like it better every year. I was able to film myself taking a very nice 11 pointer with my bow in mid October and was able to film my good buddy and fellow DHBB pro-staffer Troy getting a shot at an unbelievable 12 pointer that was the biggest buck either of us have ever seen in the woods. Unfortunately we were not able to find the buck but we haven’t given up hope that we may still be able to find him.

I got a lot of trail camera pictures of bucks fighting in November.

If you haven’t gotten that big buck you have been after don’t give up. If you have some late season deer food sources focus on them and go get him. Good luck everyone I hope you get that big brute you’re after.

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  1. Michael says:

    Nice Buck!!
    Still waiting on my first for this season.

  2. admin says:

    Good luck Michael!

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