Rut Over Whitetails Feeding

Now is the time to focus on the food sources with most of the does being bred in November and most whitetails past the peak of the rut.

buck with cedar limb stuck in his antlers from rubbing

Whitetails Feeding After Rut

There will still be some does come into estrous that did not get bred earlier in the rut, but it will be sporadic and harder to pin-point than the peak rut. And with winter settling in the whitetails need to consume a lot of food to help them get through the winter. The bucks need to regain weight lost during the last month or so and the does are pregnant and need to consume enough food to feed two. So if you have food plots where you hunt that is the place to find whitetails.

"Horn Donkey" with a smaller buck eating corn during the rut

This time of year whitetails need to consume a lot of food to be able to survive the tough winter conditions.

Especially this time of year when the hard frosts that have happened across much of the country have killed most of the green browse that has been available to the deer up until this point of the deer season. If you don’t have food plots but baiting is legal to hunt over in the state you hunt now would be a great time to hunt over that big pile of corn or whatever product you have been successful with deer hunting. If you don’t have food plots or baiting isn’t legal where you hunt you could be at a big disadvantage if your neighboring properties have food plots unless your property has good thick cover where the deer bed and you can intercept them going from there to feed on your neighbors property. If you don’t have the food or the cover you better hope you have some water and if you do that’s where you want to look for tracks and trails. If you don’t have food, cover or water then your guess is as good as mine. I’m not trying to be negative, I’m just keeping it real. Even if you don’t have the food, cover or water all hope is not lost. There is no telling what pressured deer will do, so if your neighbor runs a big boy onto you’re property you need to be there. That is the thing about this time of the year, it can be a grind and absolutely exhausting. It is colder than earlier in the year, deer sightings tend to be less because of being hunted all year long, but the one that is determined and doesn’t give up still at least has that chance. I remember a hunting club I was in back in Georgia and it was the last weekend of the year and on the last day of the season New Years eve we had a guy shoot the biggest buck of his life on the last evening of the season. And it was all because he had not given up and was still out there trying. Remember persistence and hard work will eventually pay off.

Tell us how your season is going, even send us some pictures of you with your big buck and we’ll try to post them on DHBB for everyone to see.

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