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Giant Whitetails Hunting Videos

I was looking at a hunting videos on YouTube and ran across this one I thought you might like.

Hunting Videos

It is an unbelievable 265″ buck spotlighted on Midwestwhitetail.com. The buck was taken during shotgun season in Iowa. This buck is just amazing, makes me want to hunt in Iowa. I have seen so many nice bucks come from Iowa, it is definitely one of the places I dream of chasing whitetails one day.I just love looking at hunting videos on YouTube, you run across some really nice bucks on there. This buck is one of them, I had never seen this buck before but it is really an awesome buck. I wish the hunter had given some details about the hunt.I don’t know any details except it was taken during the Iowa shotgun season, but never the less it is an amazing buck, congratulations to the lucky hunter.

hunting videos

Filming hunting videos is tough and exciting.

I would love to see a buck like this one day when hunting, although I did see a potential Kansas state record typical when I was filming DHBB Pro-Staff member Troy Redner, I have never seen a buck of this caliber when I was doing the deer hunting. It would be a dream come true to be able to film my self shooting a buck like this. You have to have a lot of different things go right to see a buck like this, you have to hunt where there are whitetails of this caliber and you have to be a little lucky to and be smart and hunt with the wind in your favor and many other factors also. I was hunting a place where a 220 class buck was seen a few years ago but I never saw him. My wife and father-in-law were driving down the road right near where I had permission to hunt and this huge Kansas buck was laying in a field like he was worn out from chasing does. You just never know what you might see in Kansas.

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