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Watching Whitetail Velvet Bucks Grow

watching whitetail velvet bucks growWell summer is in full swing and it has been fun watching whitetail velvet bucks grow. It is always fun seeing how big our bucks on properties we hunt get every summer and fall.¬† The anticipation every time we check our trail cameras builds as we pop in that sd card or pull up that email every time we get a notification on our phone. It’s like Christmas morning to us hunters when we get those pictures of deer that gets our hearts beating a little faster.

Watching Whitetail Velvet Bucks Grow

You know what it’s like when you check those trail cameras and you get that big brute on camera for the first time and you are calling your buddies and telling them. Then as the summer progresses and we get to watch them grow and develop to their full potential and we know which ones make the hit list and prioritize them in order, it’s just an exciting time. I think with everything happening in this crazy world today this season is needed more than any other probably ever. Just to be able to climb up in that favorite stand and watch that big beautiful sunrise will help take away some of the crazy stress we all have endured the past few months.

trail-camera-photosWhen we put our trail cameras out at established food sources or mineral lick sites we never know what might show up. It’s always fun to see if we recognize any of the bucks that start showing up on our cameras. How has he changed from last season? How much bigger will he get, and was it worth it letting him walk last season? How about you guys and gals? Do you have any big boys showing up this year so far? It’s going to be a great season and I can’t wait to get back out in the stand. Everyone stay safe and take a child to the woods if you get a chance. You will make memories that will last a lifetime.

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