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Bow Season Finally Arrives

Bow Season After a long hot summer bow season is almost upon us  here in Kansas. This morning bow season starts in Georgia and a lot of my friends are headed to the woods to get after those big bucks. I can’t wait to see some of the pictures of the big boys taken on opening day, I have already seen several huge bucks taken in Kentucky this bow season. Fall is by far my favorite time of the year with college football, deer hunting and cooler weather it just doesn’t get any better than that. Drought Conditions Tough On Deer It has been so dry here in the mid-west this summer even though the last couple of weeks we have gotten some much needed rain. For a while the deer seemed to be concentrated near water, which one of the places I have permission to hunt didn’t have water … Continue reading

Archery Hunting Mature Whitetails

My favorite hobby is archery hunting. I started bow hunting when I  was in my teens and have been in love with archery hunting since. Archery Hunting There is nothing like bow hunting and matching wits with a mature whitetail. Up until a few years ago I bow hunted until rifle season came in and then I would trade my bow in for a rifle deer hunting. But I went to Illinois on a bow hunt and was lucky enough to get my first mature whitetail with a bow and I haven’t hunted with a gun since then. And my love for bow hunting has grown even more since taking my first mature whitetail buck with a bow. The thing I love about archery is you have to practice quite often to be able to consistently make accurate shots, kind of like golf which I am not very good at … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Legend Horn Donkey

Deer Hunting Legend Horn Donkey

I recently filmed a deer hunting legend of a buck for us at DHBB. It was a great experience and one I’ll never forget. I harvested a big deer an 11 pointer back in October with my bow and got to film my good friend and fellow DHBB Pro-staff member Troy for a week of getting after whitetails here in Kansas. I have seen a lot of whitetails and some really nice bucks. As a matter of fact I saw the biggest buck I have ever seen in my life while in the woods, he was a real deer hunting legend in our minds that we were hoping to get a shot at. Deer Hunting Legend Troy arrived in Kansas on November the 8th and a cold front was moving in the day he arrived, and with the recent activity you could just tell this cold front was going to … Continue reading