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Deer Videos Bow Hunting Tips

I love watching and learning from whitetail deer videos. I was watching some deer videos this morning and saw this one I thought I would share with you. Deer Videos You can learn a lot from watching deer hunting videos if you pay attention to the details. Notice how this hunter doesn’t draw his bow back until the buck turns his head away from him. It is critical to draw your bow when the whitetail goes behind a tree or brush or looks away. This is a lesson I think that all bow hunters learn the hard way at least once when bow hunting. I like to watch and get bow hunting tips from deer videos. Bow Hunting Tips This hunter shows some extreme patience and it pays off watch and see when the hunter chooses to draw his bow. If you draw to soon you could end up holding … Continue reading

Bow Hunting White Tailed Deer

There is no greater challenge in my opinion than bow hunting white tailed deer. I have hunted white tailed deer for 30 years now and nothing other than trying to hit a golf-ball straight is more challenging than consistently harvesting mature white tailed deer bow hunting. There is just something special about using a primitive weapon deer hunting matching wits with a trophy buck. It takes great attention to detail thorough scouting and countless hours on the stand, getting up at 4:00am when you easily could be tucked in a nice warm bed. Bow Hunting White Tailed Deer It takes getting the animal within a very close range which anyone who has gone bow hunting knows it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to use the wind to your favor because if they have an unbelievable sense of smell and if they smell you the game is over … Continue reading

Supplemental Feeding Deer

Supplemental feeding deer can be very beneficial to whitetail during the harsh winter conditions. As I sit here looking out the window at the recent snow thinking about deer hunting, I’m wondering how in the world the whitetails here in Kansas can survive such harsh winter conditions. It has been a tough very cold and snowy winter. Supplemental Feeding Deer I am feeding whitetails corn behind my house as often as I can hopefully it will help them survive these brutal conditions. Hopefully supplemental feeding deer. will help improve the health of the herd and improve the quality of deer hunting. The does are well into their pregnancy and I’m sure every bit of nutrition helps. I saw on the news the other night this has been the ninth most snowfall in Kansas since they started keeping records in the late 1800’s. The good thing about Kansas is there are … Continue reading