Saved Hunter Safety System Treestand Lifeline

Saved Hunter Safety System Treestand Lifeline

I have been wanting to share a story about a short little hunting outing that could have went terribly wrong for me, but because I was properly connected to a Hunter Safety System Treestand Lifeline when I slipped that cold grey October afternoon, I’m here to share my story with you. I Was Saved By The Hunter Safety System Treestand Lifeline A winter storm was moving on this particular October afternoon in Kansas and I had just gotten home from work and had only a couple of hours to hunt. I was planning on hunting a stand that we call “The Horn Donkey Stand” where a couple of years ago I filmed my good buddy shooting a potential Kansas state record typical with a bow. You can follow that link to read about that once in a lifetime hunt. As I made my way to the stand the wind was … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Equipment Checklist

It’s time to make that deer hunting equipment checklist. Now that the season is over I have started a deer hunting equipment checklist. Make Deer Hunting Equipment Checklist I like to get started early getting my equipment organized and deciding what I need to upgrade and its priority on my checklist, even if it’s just a pair of UV protection sunglasses. By knowing what I need for next season early it gives me time to compare different brands and prices of the product I’m wanting to get and look for deals everywhere, weather it be online, in stores, or by word of mouth.  And by the time the season rolls around I’ll have all the things I need for a successful year of deer hunting. There are some things on my checklist that I need to get and some things that I want to get. I’m sure I will see … Continue reading

Trail Camera Deer Hunting Property

Having the advantage of putting out several can tell you a lot about your deer hunting property. Do you scout with a trail camera? Trail Camera Deer Hunting Deer season will be here before you know it and a trail camera can be a great way to learn so much valuable information for your upcoming deer season. Some of the best places to setup a trail camera are on food plots or feeders or trails leading to and from them.  Feeding patterns such as time of day and preferred food choice are some of great information they can tell you. Also the overall health and deer population of the deer herd using your property.  How many bucks and what age they are and size? Are they shooters, management bucks, or do they need to get older? You have just got to love having help getting all of this great information … Continue reading