Deer Hunting Trail Camera Moultrie

I recently heard about a new Moultrie camera from a friend, it is an awesome new deer hunting trail camera.Do you use game cameras to help you pattern your whitetails? A friend of mine told me about the new Moultrie Game Spy. Deer Hunting Trail Camera The new Moultrie Game Spy will be out around June and will be available for under $400. That sounds like a lot but with all that the new Moultrie Game Spy has to offer it’s not bad. With this trail camera you can put it out and then do everything from home without having to go back out in the field. How awesome is that? If you live a long way from your property it will save you a lot of time and trips to the property. With this you can get a Connect modem that lets you do everything from home. You go … Continue reading

Favorite Type Deer Stands

What type of deer stands do you prefer when hunting? There are so many different  good deer stands available on the market today. You’ve got lock-ons, climbers, ladders, tripods, box, blinds etc. I remember when I first started  hunting years ago we would climb up the limbs of a tree and nail a board across two limbs and sit on it for hours. I don’t see how my dad did it. I’m 41 now and I just don’t think I could do it now, not for very long at least. Different Types of Hunting Stands Loc-on: My favorite type of hunting stand I think is a lock on it is great to get to where you are hunting and be able to climb up very quietly without being detected. But what makes a lock on so good is you can move it around fairly easy. It involves some work but … Continue reading

Choosing Deer Hunting Rifle

I just love looking at all the different  guns and would love to get a new deer hunting rifle. And I have decided that I want at least one of each. I love you honey, if you are reading this. There’s just so many nice one’s to choose from. Why not just get one of each, that way you don’t have to make such a tough decision on which one is best for you. When you are shopping for deer rifles there are a few things to consider before making a decision on which one to buy. Deer Hunting Rifle I have had my eye on a Remington Model 700 mountain rifle for quite some time. Even though just last year I bought a Winchester Model 70 7MM WSM that I absolutely love. I shot a nice 9 pointer with it and it did a great job. When I got … Continue reading

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