Whitetail Deer Hunting Preseason Scouting Tips

It’s time to get serious and do some whitetail deer hunting preseason scouting. There are many different scouting tips or techniques that you can use to be more efficient at locating and confirming potential stand or blind locations that will help you increase your odds at getting that buck of a lifetime while minimizing your chances of bumping your buck. I would like to share a few of my favorite whitetail deer hunting preseason scouting tips etc.

velvet buck checking out hunter

Velvet buck encountered while scouting.

Some Whitetail Deer Hunting Preseason Scouting Tips

preseason scouting

Deer love old field edges and old road beds or logging roads.

I like to keep my presence in the woods to a minimum especially the closer it gets to the season. I don’t want that buck to feel any pressure whatsoever. It’s darn near impossible but the less human presence in the woods the better in my opinion. The first thing I do is get a topographical map of the property and get on Google Earth. I look for natural funnel areas. One year in Kansas I scouted a particular piece of property without ever setting foot on it. I located a funnel area between two big lots of timber and I planned my route into the stand location using the wind to my favor and the first time I hunted the funnel I saw a huge buck. I didn’t kill him but I came very close just by scouting on Google earth. This is my favorite way to locate hot spots when I hunt public land for sure. By locating funnel areas online I can save myself a lot of time and walking by checking those spots first once I arrive at the property and already knowing how to get to those spots by looking at the map.

Food, water and cover are all things I like to look for, not necessarily in that order. If I can find a spot that has all three in close proximity of each other then I like to locate trails going to and from each one and depending on time of day set up accordingly down wind of these trails. When scouting I look for rubs (fresh or old) and scrapes and deer droppings and trails. If I find several well worn trails that intersect each other I like to set up downwind of those intersections. Also look for beds if you can find where they are bedding you can set up and catch them returning to bed in the morning or leaving the bedding area in the afternoon. If you pat attention to what side of the tree is rubbed on you can tell which direction he is heading.

Another way to scout is get as much information from the local farmer or landowner as possible. They can tell you where they see the deer and at what times of day. This can be valuable to determine the best areas to start scouting first.

So by following a few of these whitetail deer hunting preseason scouting tips you can minimize the pressure you put on the deer on your hunting land and increase your odds at that big buck this season. Use maps and technology to pinpoint potential stand locations to minimize human activity in the woods especially right before the season.


Whitetail Fever Creeping In

whitetail fever

This picture will sure give you whitetail fever.

It’s that time of year when us deer hunters start getting that whitetail fever really bad to get out in the woods again. It has almost been a year since we were last able to get out in that deer stand and enjoy the great outdoors in hopes of getting that buck of a lifetime or some venison to last us until next season or just to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I haven’t posted in a long while and it’s time to get going again. I lost my father to cancer in January of this year and although it was a very hard time he is the very reason I love deer hunting and now I will continue this blog in honor of him. He took me on my first deer hunt when I was 13 and I have loved it since that day. He taught me so much about the whitetail and I’ll sure miss hunting with him. I did get to go on one last hunt with him and I will cherish those memories forever.

dads big buck

This is my dad with his biggest buck ever.

Whitetail Fever Hits Hunters This Time of Year

It slowly creeps up on you in early summer and by early November whitetail fever is full blown. I imagine hunters all over America are starting to get that itch and break out their bows and start practicing to get ready for opening day. Food plot preparation, putting out minerals, putting out trail cameras, putting deer stands up and cutting shooting lanes are all on the deer hunters mind this time of year and we love it. What are some of the things you are doing to get prepared for deer season this year to get that big boy?

What are some of the regulations that have changed where you hunt or that you would like to see change? My home state of Georgia recently made baiting legal in the Northern zone in addition to the southern zone. That could be a game changer for a lot of hunters in that area. It will be interesting to find out how it affects some of my buddies who hunt in the northern zone.

Do you have food plots in this year? Have you got any big bucks on trail camera this year? Let’s see them! Send us some pictures of the big boy your after this year.  Safety should be everyone’s number one priority! If you don’t use a safety belt do yourself a favor and get one and use it.

I hope you all have a great season and remember to get prepared early and practice makes perfect. Also take someone hunting that might not be able to otherwise and get those kids off the video games and out in the woods.

Booner Bait Supplemental Deer Feed Attractant

Booner BaitWe are very excited to announce we have developed a new product called Booner Bait supplemental deer feed attractant, which we have been field testing for the past seven years in Kansas and Kentucky. I came up with the idea while I was living in Kansas and after years of testing we came up with the final recipe which absolutely drives the deer crazy and helps the overall health of the deer herd and helps the bucks grow their antlers to their full potential. You can compare BoonerBait™  ingredients to our competitors and easily see BoonerBait is not just a bunch of salt, it has critical trace minerals and other beneficial ingredients to help antler growth tremendously.

Supplemental Deer Feed Attractant

It all started when I took a job transfer from Georgia to Kansas and I rented a farm house on a 120 acre farm in northeast Kansas. Being from north Georgia I had never been able to bait deer before and actually had mixed feelings about it. I decided to give it a try and the first time I checked my camera after putting out a mixture I came up with I had so many deer and about 12 or 13 bucks coming in. I could not believe it.

kansas buck fed booner bait

This is before and after pictures of a Kansas buck fed BoonerBait™.

I had been racking my brain for years trying to come up with a great deer hunting product, but I just couldn’t figure it out. Then when I started putting out the deer mineral mixture that I had came up with and added an extra ingredient that my friend had told me about I knew this was a product that worked and was no gimmick. In fact the biggest buck I have ever taken I truly believe I would not have taken him without BoonerBait™. He was an 18 pointer that I had been feeding BoonerBait™ for several years and watched him grow. I fed it to him all spring and summer of 2014 and the first time I hunted him I killed him standing in a big pile of Booner Bait supplemental deer feed attractant.

Fast forward to 2016. I had been wanting to start my own company selling this great product but I just didn’t pull the trigger on the idea because I had never ran a business before. Then a job transfer brought me and my family to Kentucky and I started hunting behind my house here I realised how good Kentucky deer hunting was. Then I had to have surgery on my finger and was out of work for a while and something kept telling me to take a chance and follow my dreams of starting my own company that was directly related to deer hunting. So I took what little money I had and invested it in this wonderful product that I knew worked and hunters would buy again if they ever tried it.

Booner Bait supplemental deer feed attractant

Kentucky buck killed using Booner Bait.

In the summer of 2016 I started giving Booner Bait supplemental deer feed attractant to friends at work and the first week of bow season here in Kentucky and young man named Tanner took 185″ (green score)Kentucky buck while using BoonerBait™. He said the buck came straight in to it and it helped him get the biggest buck of his life. Several others started telling me and showing me pictures of huge bucks that were coming in to the BoonerBait™. It was really satisfying and exciting to know others were being successful using a product that I actually developed.

The bucks will be shedding their antlers very soon if not already and that is the time to get those minerals out to get those bucks the minerals they need to grow to their full potential. Also with the does being pregnant BoonerBait™ will give them essential nutrients to help fawn bearing and also help the overall health of the herd. Once you check your trail camera after putting out Booner Bait you’ll know why our logo says “Sweet As November”. If you would like to give it a try you can learn more about Booner Bait supplemental deer feed attractant at www.boonerbait.com. Thanks very much for checking it out and happy hunting everyone.

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