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Top 10 Whitetail Deer Hunting Videos


I filmed this buck in one of my favorite whitetail deer hunting videos.

I was looking at whitetail deer hunting videos on YouTube and thought it would be fun to share my top 10.  There are so many to choose from but these are a few of my favorites.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Videos

  1. First on my whitetail deer hunting videos list would have to be one that I just happened to film. Some of you may have heard about a buck we were after we named “Horn Donkey”, he was a very special buck that I honestly believe would have been very close to being a possible Kansas state record typical with a bow. Although it didn’t quite turn out like we had hoped, it’s still some awesome footage of a very special buck. You can click the following link to read the full story on Horn Donkey.
  2. This is one of my all time favorite deer hunting videos, just crazy to watch this whole hunt unfold. Dylan shoots this very nice buck and then another nice buck comes in and starts attacking it. This has been one of my favorites for years. One Huge Kansas Buck with another one coming to visit.
  3. This is some awesome footage of just an amazing Kansas Giant buck, this is one we all dream about seeing one day. My wife and father-in-law saw a buck of this caliber a few years ago while driving to town here in Kansas. I can’t imagine seeing a buck like this in the wild.
  4. Bowhunting.com is one of my favorite websites and this video is of a great big Illinois buck that took a lot of hard work and determination to get him. The hunter surely earned this big monster.
  5. ‘The Joe Franz’ Buck: Joe Franz killed what some believe is the biggest buck to ever be taken on video. Enough said.

  6. 192″ Boone and Crockett buck with a bow“, the title says it all. The hunters reaction after shooting this huge whitetail is priceless. When it all comes together and all the hard work pays off it can get a little emotional.

  7. 210″ inch Giant whitetail buck with 11″ drop tine” awesome footage of a brute of a whitetail.

  8. Whitetail Boone and Crockett Buck ?” Check out this buck filmed near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. What a huge world class whitetail deer. I can’t believe there have only been 79 views of this video.
  9. Giant 184″ 21 point whitetail by: Aaron Law” This one starts off kind of crazy these guys are throwing peanuts out of the tree onto deer, then this huge Kentucky buck comes in making scrapes and the hunter makes a great bow shot.
  10. 2013 Kansas Monster Buck With Bow BBD” This is a great Kansas whitetail deer hunting video, these guys do a great job loved the second angle of the shot.

Filming hunting adventures can be a lot of hard work and can be tough. Most of my hunts are filmed and I know just how hard it can be to even see a buck like one of these much less get it on film with good light. It just makes me appreciate the footage in these videos even more. I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite whitetail deer hunting videos.

What are some of your favorite videos?

Source: YouTube

Five Handy Off Season Deer Hunting Tips

off season deer hunting tipsDeer season may be over until this fall but the earlier you can start preparing the better. I wanted to share with you these five off season deer hunting tips to help you be ready to get out and get that big brute this year.

Off Season Deer Hunting Tips

  1. Learn about Whitetail Behavior and habitat: The more you know about whitetails and their habitat the better prepared you will be when hunting season comes around. Learn to pattern the deer and it will help you to be able to pick good stand locations that increase your odds of harvesting that big boy. Read deer hunting books, magazines, get on the internet, go to seminars, join clubs like the Quality Deer Management Association etc. Knowing what the deer are doing at certain times of the year and why can and will help you solve the big buck puzzle.
  2. Practice Quality Deer Management Where You Hunt: Quality deer management can improve your deer herd and increase your odds at getting that buck of a lifetime. Planting food plots and or starting a supplemental feeding program can help the health of your deer herd and attract and hold deer on your property. Learning about and implementing quality deer management will tremendously improve your overall deer hunting experience.
  3. Get Fit for Deer Season Now: Starting an off season fitness program can make a big difference when deer season rolls around. Being fit will help you stay in the woods longer and make you more alert and help you when scouting, putting up deer stands, checking trail cameras etc. Eating healthy and getting fit will help make you a better deer hunter.
  4. Make Your Deer Hunting Equipment Checklist Now: By starting your deer hunting equipment checklist now you will have an idea of things that you need or want to get before next deer season and can prioritize which ones you want to get first. A lot of products will be on sale this time of year and you can get some really good deals. Buying the  things you need throughout the year will be a lot easier on your wallet rather than having to purchase them all right before the season.
  5. Practice With Your Bow or Gun Throughout the Year: Practice makes perfect and a lot of practice makes you even more perfect. Practice as much as you can, make it fun, practice in your gear you will be hunting in, like gloves, head net etc…  Practice with friends and family and even make it competitive. Go to 3d ranges or gun ranges and shoot.

    Practice shooting your bow in the gear you will be wearing in the field.

These are just a few tips that will help you be better prepared to get after those whitetails when September rolls around. What are some of the off season deer hunting tips you use to help you be more prepared for deer season to get your big bucks?


Top Ten Boone and Crockett Non Typical Bucks

By Adam Doby

Top Ten Boone and Crockett Non Typical BucksThe top ten Boone and Crockett non typical bucks are absolutely amazing and I wanted to share them with you here. Indiana and Kansas recently had a couple of 300″ bucks join the top ten(at this time they may be unofficial). I recently did a post “The Top Ten Boone and Crockett Typical Bucks” and I wanted to also do one on the top ten Boone and Crockett Non typical bucks. Hope you enjoy this unofficial list of the top ten Boone and Crockett non typical bucks.

Top Ten Boone and Crockett Non Typical Bucks

  1. Hunter: Picked Up Score: 333 7/8 Location: Missouri Year: 1981 Found in northern St Louis inside a fence along a road. A hunter saw him and told the game warden who got permission to retrieve it. Just an awesome buck.
  2. Hunter: Picked up(Hole in the Horn Buck) Score: 328 2/8 Location: Ohio Year: 1940 This huge buck was hit by a train and was acquired by sportswriter Dick Idol a few decades later and he had it scored and declared it was the new number one buck but it had to go before a panel of judges and due to a rules interpretation didn’t score as much as originally thought but still today comes in at number two and is a incredible deer. Check out this great video on The Hole in the Horn buck.
  3. (unofficial pending panel judging) Hunter: Picked Up Score: 312 1/8 Location: Northeast Kansas Year: 2013 Check out this video, this is the worlds first true 50 pointer and new Kansas state record. A hunter had trail camera pictures and sheds of this buck and when the trail camera pictures of him stopped he went looking because there was a bad outbreak of EHD reported in the area and sure enough he found him dead.
  4. Hunter: Tony W. Lovstuen Score: 307 5/8 Location: Iowa Year: 2003 Can you say largest whitetail ever taken by a hunter? Tony’s father actually got a shot at this buck in 2001 and grazed him. Trail camera pictures told them the buck was still alive and Tony was able to hunt a youth hunt in early 2003 and his dad put him on the buck and he shot him with his muzzle-loader and hit the deer back but was able to recover the buck the next day.
  5. Hunter: Tim Beck Score: 305 7/8 Location: Indiana Year: 2012 Tim usually takes two weeks off to hunt during the Indiana gun season. Opening day 2012 turned out to be his lucky day the buck followed a doe into a corn field and Tim shot him at around 50 yards. Just an amazing world-class trophy buck!
  6. Hunter: Jerry D. Bryant Score: 304 3/8 Location: Illinois Year: 2001 Jerry took this buck on a buddies farm with his crossbow which he hunted with due to an injury. The buck followed a doe in and he shot him at 15 yards.
  7. Hunter: Tony Fulton Score: 295 6/8 Location: Mississippi Year: 1995 Tony’s wife urged him to go hunting that day and he went to a small food plot he had planted behind his house and this buck followed a doe out and Tony shot him.
  8. Hunter: Scott R. Dexter Score: 295 3/8 Location: Illinois Year: 2004
  9. Hunter: Jonathan R. Schmucker Score: 295 3/8 Location: Ohio Year: 2006
  10. Hunter: Michael D. Beatty Score: 294 Location: Ohio Year: 2000


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