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Special Places

This buck was taken in one of my special places.

Do you have some  special places that you like to go deer hunting for big bucks? That place where every time you go you feel confident you just might see one of those big bucks. That place that’s so beautiful and serene that when you’re there the stress of your everyday life just goes away. I have had several places like this during my many years of deer hunting. I’d like to tell you about one of my special places.

Special Places Deer Hunting

The full moon was shining brightly as I made my way up the firebreak between the planted pines and the big hardwood ridge. It was a cold November morning and the rut was at its peak. The smell of pines and earth along with the cold morning air was invigorating. I was finally at my special place. I had been working a lot lately and hadn’t had many chances to go deer hunting. But now that I was there I was pumped. The conditions were perfect and I was in that place. As I got closer to the tree I was going to hunt in, I heard something run down the ridge in front of me. I stopped and listened as it ran off. Was it one of the big bucks? I slowly made my way to the crest of the ridge and turned left and eased up to my tree. I quietly put my portable on and made my way up. Once I was settled in I felt excited. I patiently waited as the rays of sun made their way through the hardwood. The view of the creek at the bottom of the ridge was beautiful. I listened as the birds sang their songs and the squirrels chased each other around the hardwood ridge. Then I decided to take out my rattle bag and grunt call. I grunted a few times then made the sound of antlers tickling together lightly. Then I crashed the rattle bag as hard as I could and made one heck of a fight up in that pine tree. I grunted a few more times then got my gun ready and waited. About five minutes later I saw a glimpse of a deer coming towards me. It was a nice buck. This was his territory and he was ready to defend it. He wasn’t going to allow another buck in his backyard. He came right to the tree I was in. I slowly raised my rifle and a well placed shot dropped him in his tracks!
Hunts like this only happen every once in a while. I took the time to savor the moment and thanked the Lord for such a special place to hunt and such a magnificent animal.


Top Ten Dream Hunting Trips

Do you have a top ten dream hunting trips? I know I have been wanting to go for years on a guided hunt. I have always wanted to go deer hunting in Alberta for big bucks in the snow. I just have never done it. I thought it would be fun to make a list of my top dream hunting trips.

dream hunting trips

I have several dream hunting trips I would love to do.

Dream Hunting Trips

10.Kentucky- I think Kentucky is quickly rising  up as one of the top deer hunting states to bag a trophy deer.  Todd and Christian counties in western Kentucky have beautiful open fields and heavy dense timbers, with some really nice big bucks. 

9.Nebraska- When I think of Nebraska deer hunting  I think of corn. That’s all I need to know. With the wooded river valleys and farmlands it’s prime habitat for big bucks.

8. Iowa- Corn same as above. Iowa ranks #3 in the nation in Pope and Young Bucks yet hands out the fewest tags. Its firearms season consist of muzzle-loader and shotgun only. Iowa is home of the new world record Lowenstein buck.

7.Kansas-  Ranks #4 in the Pope and Young record book. 6 of the top 10 Pope and Young typical entries belong to Kansas. Kansas is the greatest location to harvest a non-typical Boone and Crockett buck.

6.Illinois- Pike county is #2 in the nation in highest number of Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett  bucks. It’s in extreme west central Illinois. Lying between the Illinois river basins and the Mississippi. The firearms season consist of muzzle-loader and shotgun only.

5.Ohio- Home of the world record Beatty buck. Ohio is awesome for trophy bucks. With plenty of farm land and trophy bucks. During the 2006-07 season Ohio hunters harvested a state record 237,316 deer.

4.Texas-  I’d like to hunt San Miguel Ranch in south Texas. With 30,000 acres of prime brush country. And some really big trophy deer.

3.Georgia- My home state. I’ve had the chance to hunt a lot of places in Georgia. It’s beautiful with some really nice trophies. I’d like to hunt on the Banks farm in Madison, Georgia. Man they take some nice whitetails every year.

2.Canada- Anywhere that has 300 pound whitetail has got to be awesome. I’ve always wanted to go to Alberta and hunt in the snow, for world class whitetails.

1.Montana- I’ve always liked the Milk river in Montana. It just looks so beautiful. With some really big trophies.


Deer Hunting Windy Days

Do you like deer hunting windy days? It can be extremely frustrating. It’s harder to pick up movement on a windy day, and it’s hard to hear a deer approaching also. They can’t pick up your movement as well, or hear you as well either. I have decided not to hunt on windy days before. But if you are thinking you cant bag big bucks on windy days think again.

Hunting Windy Days

My father was deer hunting the first week of the season in 1997. He hunted that morning then went back to camp and decided to eat lunch and get back in the woods early. It was very windy to be deer hunting. But he was back out there early with hopes of seeing some big bucks. It was around 1:20pm and the wind was wiping. He was in a tripod stand that we called the rock stand. It sits on a hillside in some pines looking down to the most beautiful food plot beside a creek surrounded by a big hardwood ridge. Suddenly some does rushed out in the food plot, followed by a very nice trophy buck. He knew it was a shooter immediately. He aimed and shot but missed. The buck didn’t know which way the shot came from and ran closer to my father. His second shot didn’t miss. It was his biggest buck ever and it came on a very windy day.

Dads Jasper county buck Hunting Windy Days

This is the trophy buck my dad took deer hunting windy days in Jasper county.

One morning one of my good friends and I went hunting at a club I was a member of in Walton county, in Georgia. That morning driving to the club we noticed how windy it was. But we didn’t let that discourage us. I took my friend to a location in some mature pines close to a big hardwood ridge. Then I went to a stand about four hundred yards away. It was so windy, I thought I was going to get sea sick up in that pine tree. About 9:30am I had enough, I decided to get down and still hunt around the edge of a big clear-cut. Then I heard my friend shoot. When I got over to him he was grinning like a mule eating briars. He had just taken his biggest buck ever, and it was on a very windy day. So if you are having second thoughts about hunting on a windy day, just remember you just might get that buck of a lifetime hunting windy days.

This is the Jasper county trophy my father took on October 27, 1997