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Mineral Lick Sites Trail Cameras

Well I got out this past weekend and put out some mineral lick sites and put fresh batteries in my trail cameras and checked my sd cards in my trail cameras. I had a lot of good pictures of several bucks starting to grow their antlers. Mineral lick Sites Now is a great time to put out those mineral lick sites for the whitetails. A friend of mine sent me a good inexpensive recipe for mineral lick sites I wanted to share with you. I put some out a while back and the deer are really loving it. The recipe makes about 200 pounds for around $50. You can pick up the ingredients at most local feed stores. Here’s the recipe: 1 50lb bag of Di-calcium phosphate 1 50lb bag of stock salt 2 50lb bags of trace mineral Mix 12lbs of trace mineral, 6 lbs of stock salt and … Continue reading