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Food Sources Late Season Deer Hunting Tactics

I can’t believe it is already December, I hope everyone has had a much fun as we have getting after those big bucks this year. Do you plan on doing some late season deer hunting? Late Season Deer Hunting I sure do and there are some late season deer hunting tactics to think about that will help improve your odds at getting a mature buck on the wall. My main focus this time of year is finding where the food is. With their being less food sources this time of year if you can find a hot food source and set up in between there and the bedding area with the wind in your favor you got a chance. Food plots can make for some exciting late season deer hunting. Not everyone has the time or resources to plant food plots but if you have a food plot to hunt … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Trail Cameras

I have got to get out and check my mineral licks and put out my deer hunting trail cameras. Have you put out any mineral licks or cameras yet? Now is a great time to start getting them out. The bucks will be growing their antlers soon and the does will be giving birth so it’s a great time to get some wonderful wildlife pictures. Put Out Deer Hunting Trail Cameras The bucks should be growing their antlers about now and I hope to get some great pictures of them developing their antlers. I’ve got a new Moultrie game camera, a Mathews Z7 and a new Canon XHA1 hd video camera to film all my adventures this year. It should be a great season and should be action packed. If you want to help the bucks grow bigger racks where you hunt now is the time to plant food plots … Continue reading

Favorite Deer Hunting States

I wanted to share a few of my deer hunting states. Just the other day I was thinking about how lucky I am to have been transferred to Kansas, and to be able to hunt as a resident of what I believe is one of the best states to hunt whitetails. This past season was my second in Kansas and it was a great year. Even though I didn’t get one of those monsters I was after. I missed him at 35 yards with my bow and yes I got a little buck fever. He was only the biggest buck I have ever shot at with my bow or gun for that matter. So I thought I would do a post on my favorite states I have hunted and the states that I most want to go deer hunting. I just took a look outside and realized it is snowing … Continue reading