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AntlerGear DHBB Bow Hunting Kansas

I hope everyone is having a great deer season. So far I have seen some really nice bucks being taken bow hunting Kansas. I was lucky enough to film myself shoot a nice eight pointer with my Mathews Z7 here in Northeast Kansas last Sunday evening. He was one of the biggest bucks I have had on trail camera this year he was a nice buck but not a giant by any means as far as Kansas standards go. It was some awesome footage and I will be sharing it with you in the future. I can’t wait to eat some tasty venison and now I’m planning on trying to get at least two does deer hunting. Bow Hunting Kansas This past week I had a blast bow hunting Kansas with my good friends from AntlerGear.com. Pro-Staffers and my good friends Troy Redner and Mike McKenzie flew in for a … Continue reading