Deer Hunting Coyote Sunday Best

I was able to get a coyote in the front yard the other day, he wasn’t very smart.How’s your deer hunting going this year? I am working on a story about this deer, and I wanted to tease you a little. Check out this brute! I’ll have the whole wonderful story and photos and a video to share in the next few days. Yesterday, after church I got to go do a little deer hunting. I hunted a great looking spot on the edge of some real thick hardwoods and a big CRP field that meets a huge corn field. I have been deer hunting quite a bit this year but I haven’t seen a lot of deer. I am in a rut, no pun intended. Yesterday was no different, I didn’t see the first whitetail. I saw a bunch of pick-up trucks but no deer. I know that I … Continue reading

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