Deer Hunting Property Just Got Better

I am ready to go deer hunting. Why, you might ask? Deer Hunting Property Well today I found out the deer hunting property that I have permission to hunt across the road from where I live, the lady came over today and told me they will be planting in a yearly rotation corn, soybeans and wheat.  The property I have permission to hunt butts up to this property where the crops will be planted. And the property that butts up to the other end already is planted in crops every year. So where I hunt will have crops on both ends. It is a beautiful hardwood ridge with two creeks running through it. And a nice thick bedding area. It was already a great piece of property but the new crops on it will definitely improve it tremendously. The biggest problem I have with this is I have to rethink … Continue reading

Improve Deer Hunting Property

Looking to improve your deer hunting property? There are some things you can do to improve your deer hunting property for those big bucks.  If you own or lease your property there are some things that you can do to improve your property quite a bit. Here is a list of things you can do to improve your deer hunting property for big bucks. Deer Hunting Property 1.Buck to doe ratio -Herd management. One to one buck to doe ratio is ideal. One to three is okay. Decrease your buck harvest and increase your doe harvest, depending on the ratio of your herd. Let your yearling bucks grow don’t shoot them. Let them grow to three and a half years old at least, with five and a half being better. Implement size restrictions on bucks. By setting a width and number of points restriction. Some clubs have restrictions of eight … Continue reading

Trail Camera Deer Hunting Property

Having the advantage of putting out several can tell you a lot about your deer hunting property. Do you scout with a trail camera? Trail Camera Deer Hunting Deer season will be here before you know it and a trail camera can be a great way to learn so much valuable information for your upcoming deer season. Some of the best places to setup a trail camera are on food plots or feeders or trails leading to and from them.  Feeding patterns such as time of day and preferred food choice are some of great information they can tell you. Also the overall health and deer population of the deer herd using your property.  How many bucks and what age they are and size? Are they shooters, management bucks, or do they need to get older? You have just got to love having help getting all of this great information … Continue reading

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