Plant Deer Hunting Food Plots

It’s time to plant  hunting food plots. It is about that time to get your spring and summer food plots planted on your deer hunting property. I have heard of some people who have already planted and others who have gotten their sites ready and are just waiting for the right time to put the seed in the ground. Their is still some cold weather here in the mid-west and it might not be a bad idea to wait a little while to put the seed in the ground. Hunting Food Plots If you plant to early and we get several days of cold or wet weather or both it could affect the seeds and you might not get as thick of food  plot as you would if you wait until the cold weather is gone. It is a fine line though because you don’t want to plant to early … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Food Plots

It’s time to start thinking about planting those hunting food plots on your deer hunting properties and why not do a little shed hunting while you are at it? Hunting Food Plots Why not enjoy deer hunting year round? Now that spring is upon us it is time to get out and find those big bucks sheds. Getting out in the great outdoors looking for deer sheds can be a lot of fun and a great way to get some much needed exercise. But with turkey season coming up you may want to wear some fluorescent orange while out looking for sheds. The big bucks should be shedding their antlers by now. A great place to start looking is in hunting food plots and on trails leading to and from them. It can be great to find a big boys sheds that you have on trail cameras that you have … Continue reading

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