Whitetail Buck Hit Late Deer Hunting

I have been doing some last minute late deer hunting, and so far it has been tough me. Late Deer Hunting Yesterday afternoon I was able to go do some late deer hunting. I had one blowing at me and then I saw 4 does and then a small 6-point chasing them, but no big bucks.  We are going back to Georgia and by the time we get back to Kansas the season will be over. I may get to go one last time this afternoon or in the morning and that will be it for my season. Even though I haven’t harvested a whitetail buck this year I have enjoyed being out there getting after those big bucks. It can be tough when it’s late deer hunting. Whitetail Buck Hit By Car The other morning I was headed home from work at 5:30 a.m near one of my favorite … Continue reading

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