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Archery Equipment Recurves Compounds

Archery Equipment Recurves Compounds

Now that the season is over you might be in the market for some new archery equipment, perhaps a new bow and choosing the right bow for you can be fun but you want to make sure you make a good decision and don’t rush into buying something you are not going to be happy with later. Today we have a guest post from Jeff Stevens from Huntersguide.org. if you get a chance go over and check out their website which has some great information on deer hunting.   Thanks for the great post Jeff. Archery Equipment Recurve Bows and Compound Bows  Archery, a once-popular method for basic human survival and combat, is now a common sport and method of hunting. The main tool in the sport of archery is a bow that shoots arrows. In early times, bows were made out of pinewood and the arrows were made out … Continue reading

Self Filmed Bow Kill

I have always wanted to get a self filmed bow kill. Just recently I finally did just that and got my first self filmed bow kill. Self Filmed Bow Kill Well the cold weather had the bucks up and moving here in Kansas this morning. And it made for an exciting day of deer hunting. I arrived at one of my favorite deer hunting honey holes well before daylight and got settled in the loc-on in the edge of a huge soybean field. As the sun slowly came up I could tell it was going to be a great day for deer hunting in northeast Kansas  with the cold front settling in. I had gotten several trail camera pictures of bucks sparring recently so about 7:45 am I decided to do some light rattling and soft grunts, nothing to aggressive just a light rattle sequence and I threw in a … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Property Just Got Better

I am ready to go deer hunting. Why, you might ask? Deer Hunting Property Well today I found out the deer hunting property that I have permission to hunt across the road from where I live, the lady came over today and told me they will be planting in a yearly rotation corn, soybeans and wheat.  The property I have permission to hunt butts up to this property where the crops will be planted. And the property that butts up to the other end already is planted in crops every year. So where I hunt will have crops on both ends. It is a beautiful hardwood ridge with two creeks running through it. And a nice thick bedding area. It was already a great piece of property but the new crops on it will definitely improve it tremendously. The biggest problem I have with this is I have to rethink … Continue reading