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Whitetail Vocalizations Deer Hunting

I have been learning about whitetails and the types of whitetail vocalizations they use and when and why they use each type. I have been calling whitetails while deer hunting for 31 years and have used deer calling techniques to help me harvest several nice bucks and have missed a few along the way, but we won’t discuss those. I started learning about and using these calls early in my deer hunting adventures but didn’t really understand what each of them meant and the best times to use each one. I was just using them kind of blindly hoping to get good results. But understanding each call and using them at the right time can improve your odds of getting big bucks in range.  Knowing each vocalization whitetails use and when they use them and why can help you tremendously when you are deer hunting. Whitetail Vocalizations The three types … Continue reading

Scent Control Wind Improve Deer Hunting

Scent Control can be very important when deer hunting. Although I know hunters who smoke and don’t pay any attention to the wind or scent control and they have taken several nice big deer. But you know how the saying goes, a blind squirrel gets a nut every once and a while or something of that nature. I just believe if you are serious about deer hunting and harvesting mature trophy bucks on a consistent basis you must pay attention to wind direction and scent control. Hunting Products Scent Control There are many good products on the market to help you with scent control.There is one noise that makes a hunter cringe when in the woods (other than a nearby gun shot) a whitetail blowing at you is a bad feeling. Although no matter how hard you try to control your scent when deer hunting sometimes it is damn near … Continue reading

Successful Deer Hunting

There are many factors to take into consideration that can lead to successful deer hunting. That being said, what is the definition of successful deer hunting? That is defined I believe by what each of us want it to mean. I recently went on a bow-hunting trip to Illinois on public land and did not kill a buck but I was able to rattle in a nice buck and was able to film him coming in and even though he turned out to be smarter than me that one encounter in my eyes made for a successful  trip. I have gone deer hunting on public land off and on for many years and have learned that just being able to encounter a big buck on public land can be quite a challenge. Tips for Whitetail Hunters There are many things that hunters can use to their advantage to help them … Continue reading