Top 10 Whitetail Deer Hunting Videos


I was looking at whitetail deer hunting videos on YouTube and thought it would be fun to share my top 10.  There are so many to choose from but these are a few of my favorites. Whitetail Deer Hunting Videos First on my whitetail deer hunting videos list would have to be one that I just happened to film. Some of you may have heard about a buck we were after we named “Horn Donkey”, he was a very special buck that I honestly believe would have been very close to being a possible Kansas state record typical with a bow. Although it didn’t quite turn out like we had hoped, it’s still some awesome footage of a very special buck. You can click the following link to read the full story on Horn Donkey. This is one of my all time favorite deer hunting videos, just crazy to watch … Continue reading

Potential Kansas State Record Typical

I wanted to share a story about a potential Kansas state record typical we encountered behind my house deer hunting. Kansas State Record Typical Possibly Eight months ago I went to check my trail camera behind the house and was pleasantly surprised when I popped the sd card into my computer, I immediately knew the buck I had gotten a few pictures of was a special buck. The only thing was I had already tagged out on a nice buck that I filmed myself shooting on October the 18th. For a second I thought I might just hope he would make it through to next deer season and maybe he would be bigger and I could try to match wits with him and maybe get a shot at him myself, but then I thought since my good friend was coming from Georgia to hunt with me this would be a … Continue reading

Giant Whitetails Hunting Videos

I was looking at a hunting videos on YouTube and ran across this one I thought you might like. Hunting Videos It is an unbelievable 265″ buck spotlighted on The buck was taken during shotgun season in Iowa. This buck is just amazing, makes me want to hunt in Iowa. I have seen so many nice bucks come from Iowa, it is definitely one of the places I dream of chasing whitetails one day.I just love looking at hunting videos on YouTube, you run across some really nice bucks on there. This buck is one of them, I had never seen this buck before but it is really an awesome buck. I wish the hunter had given some details about the hunt.I don’t know any details except it was taken during the Iowa shotgun season, but never the less it is an amazing buck, congratulations to the lucky hunter. … Continue reading